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Huaraz | Panoramic view with Cordillera Blanca
WI_pe047.jpg Huaraz with Cordillera BlancaThumbnailsCojup Valley with breached moraine dam

View from the slopes of the Cordillera Negra in eastern direction over Huaraz to the valleys of the Quilcay catchment draining into the city. In 1941, Huaraz was badly affected by a glacial lake outburst flood of Laguna Palcacocha in the Cojup Valley. The heavily glacierized peaks in the background are from left to right: Hualcán (6122 m), Vallunaraju (5686 m), Ranrapalca (6162 m), Huantsán (6369 m), Rúrec (5700 m), and Shacsha (5703 m).

Sunday 23 July 2017 by Martin Mergili in South America / Peru (2398 visits)