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Laguna Palcacocha | Panoramic view
WI_pe055.jpg Laguna Palcacocha | Panoramic viewThumbnailsLaguna Palcacocha

Until 13 December 1941, Laguna Palcacocha was impounded behind the horseshoe-shaped moraine ridge serving as the viewpoint for this image. The dam rupture (right portion) has led to a disastrous mass flow in Huaraz 23 km downstream, and has reduced the lake level by almost 50 m. However, the lake has enlarged due to glacier retreat and is considered hazardous again. Outflow is controlled technically. The glacierized summits in the background are Palcaraju (6274 m, left) and Pucaranra (6147 m, right).

Friday 21 July 2017 by Martin Mergili in South America / Peru (7782 visits)