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Cordillera Blanca | Laguna 513 and Nevado Hualcán
WI_pe038_403.jpg Cordillera Blanca  |  Nevado HualcánThumbnailsQuebrada Ishinca with Tocllaraju

Glacial lake at the base of Nevado Hualcán (6122 m, in the background). The level of this lake was lowered through a system of tunnels in order to reduce the outburst hazard. Nevertheless, in 2010 an ice avalanche led to an impact wave, overtopping of the bedrock dam and a debris flow and flood causing some damage in the Quebrada Hualcán all the way down to the town of Carhuaz.

Wednesday 11 July 2018 by Martin Mergili in South America / Peru (1882 visits)