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Steinholtsdalur | Steinholtsjökull and landslide
WI_is046.jpg Lake ChiemseeThumbnailsSteinholtsdalur | Steinholtsjökull and landslide

The area covered by the lake in the foreground was still glacierized in 1967. In that year, a rock slide occurred. The rear part of the slide was not very mobile and still appears as a large step in the landscape (centre of the image), whereas the frontal part evolved into a landslide cascade: it impacted the glacier, and the resulting avalanche of rock and entrained ice led to the drainage of a former proglacial lake, reshaping of the landscape below, and a distal flood in the river Markarfljót.

Saturday 31 August 2019 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Iceland (2729 visits)