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Svínafellsjökull and Skeiðarárjökull
WI_is087.jpg Svínafellsjökull and SkeiðarárjökullThumbnailsSvínafellsheiði | Fracture

Part of the tongue of Svínafellsjökull (in the foreground) is in a state of thinning and decay. Even though the glacier did not experience a major retreat in terms of length in the previous years, further thinning might lead to the sudden disappearance of the lower part of the tongue, connected with a substantial increase in the size of the proglacial lakes. Several lakes and small ponds with similar water levels already indicate a connected water body and floating of the tongue. Skeiðarárjökull appears in the background.

Friday 30 August 2019 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Iceland (3364 visits)