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Askja Caldera | Víti and Öskjuvatn
WI_is162.jpg Askja Caldera | Víti and ÖskjuvatnThumbnailsSoufrière Hills Volcano | Sulfur dioxide emissions

Askja represents a volcanic system with nested calderas north of Vatnajökull. A major eruption in 1875 resulted in the formation a huge caldera which was later filled by lake Öskjuvatn (right background), 11 square kilometres large and more than 200 m deep. The small geothermal lake Víti (in the foreground) fills an explosion crater that goes back to the same eruption. It has a temperature of 20-30 degrees Centigrade. The main crest of the mountain range Dyngjufjöll (1510 m) appears in the very background.

Tuesday 3 September 2019 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Iceland (3447 visits)