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Admont Basin with Gesäuse and Ennstal Alps


Panoramic view from Dürrenschöberl in E direction. The prominent peak in the background of the Admont Basin (very left side) is the Großer Buchstein (2224 m). Directly south, the Enns River has eroded a deep gorge - the so-called Gesäuse - through the Ennstal Alps, which form part of the Northern Calcareous Alps. The prominent peaks in the left central background of the photo are the Hochtor (2369 m) and the Sparafeld (2247 m). The much gentler hills of the Eisenerz Alps dominate the foreground and the centre of the image, whereas the Palten Valley and the Seckauer Tauern can be seen on the right side.

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on Sunday 15 November 2020 by Martin Mergili
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