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Valnontey | Fractured rock and Gran Paradiso
WI_e2048_516.jpg Valnontey | Alpe Money and Tribolazione GlacierThumbnailsValnontey with Tribolazione Glacier and Gran Paradiso

Fractured metamorphic rock near Alpe Money, located on a shoulder 500 m above the bottom of the Valnontey in the Gran Paradiso NP. Panoramic view in SW direction to the head of the Valnontey with the Ghiacciaio della Tribolazione and various glacierized summits, some of which are from left to right: Testa della Tribolazione (3642 m), Gran Paradiso (4061 m), Punta Frassy (3924 m), and Herbetet (3778 m).

Sunday 29 August 2021 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Italy (1276 visits)