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Anzasca Valley | Monte Rosa with Belvedere Glacier
WI_e2049_527.jpg Anzasca Valley | Bivacco Hinderbalmo and Monte RosaThumbnailsAnzasca Valley | Monte Rosa with Belvedere Glacier

Morning view from the vicinity of Bivacco Augusto Pala in SW direction to the debris-covered tongues of the Belvedere Glacier and the 2600 m high E face of Monte Rosa. The highest summits in the central background are from left to right: Punta Gnifetti (4554 m), Zumsteinspitze (4562 m), Dufourspitze (4634 m), and Nordend (4609 m).

Wednesday 18 August 2021 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Italy (1881 visits)