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Milano | CityLife district with its three skyscrapers
WI_e2058_530.jpg Milano | CityLife with Generali and Allianz towersThumbnailsMilano | Skyscrapers of the CityLife district

CityLife is a mixed-use district developed since 2009 in the place of a former fairground (the Fiera Milano moved outside the city centre). Three skyscrapers, all designed by famous architects, are the most conspicuous features of the project, but there are also residential buildings, a shopping centre, and plenty of green space. Skyscrapers from left to right: Generali Tower ("Il Storto", Zaha Hadid), PwC Tower ("Il Curvo", Daniel Libeskind), and Allianz Tower ("Il Dritto", Arata Isozaki).

Saturday 4 September 2021 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Italy (1377 visits)