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København | Christiansborg Slot reflecting in Børsgraven
WI_dk512.jpg København | KnippelsbroThumbnailsKøbenhavn | Christiansborg Slot

View from Børsbroen along Børsgraven in W direction. The buildings at the very left and right edges of the photo are the stock exchange (Børsen) and Holmens Church, respectively. The prominent building in the background, reflecting in Børsgraven, is Christiansborg Palace. The current palace was completed in 1928, as the latest of three successive palaces built in the same place on the islet of Slotsholmen. This Neo-Baroque building plays an important role also in present-day Denmark: it is considered the only building in the World housing the legislative, executive, and judicial powers of a country at the same time.

Monday 25 October 2021 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Denmark (1863 visits)