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Berlin | Alexanderstraße with GDR buildings
WI_ge475.jpg Berlin | Karl-Liebknecht-Straße with Haus des Berliner VerlagesThumbnailsBerlin | Haus der Statistik

View from the Berlin TV Tower in NE direction to an ensemble of buildings constructed around 1970 as part of the large-scale restructuring of Alexander Square according to socialist ideas. The buildings lining the Alexanderstraße (crossing the lower portion of the picture) are from left to right: tower of the Park Inn (former Interhotel Stadt Berlin, lower left foreground), Haus der Elektroindustrie, Haus des Reisens (all refurbished), and Haus der Statistik (in disuse since 2008).

Friday 29 October 2021 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Germany (640 visits)