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Fogo | Lava flow of 1951 and Estância Roque
WI_cv094.jpg Fogo with Estância Roque and Cabeça FundãoThumbnailsFogo | Volcanic layers at Bordeira

Volcanic landscape near the SE corner of the Bordeira and the uppermost agricultural fields, view in SE direction down to the village of Estância Roque. Pyroclastic deposits and ancient craters prominently appear in the foreground of the scene, whereas lava flows cut through the lush green of the fields in the background. The lava flow seen in the left and central parts of the picture dates back to an eruption in 1951, the most recent event on the island where lava left the caldera and moved down an outer slope.

Friday 9 September 2022 by Martin Mergili in Africa and Macaronesia / Cape Verde (294 visits)