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Tenerife with Pico del Teide
WI_ci000_502.jpg Tenerife with Pico del TeideThumbnailsTenerife with Pico del Teide

Flight Lisboa - Praia, view over Tenerife in NW direction. The most notable features in the right portion of the scene are the Valle de Güímar (E slope, right side) and the Valle de Orotava (NW slope, across the ridge), both shaped by huge prehistoric landslides. The stratovolcano Pico del Teide (3715 m), the highest summit of Spain and Macaronesia, prominently rises from the caldera known as Las Cañadas, which is most probably also the result of a mountain collapse.

Sunday 4 September 2022 by Martin Mergili in Africa and Macaronesia / Canary Islands (493 visits)