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Cordillera Vilcabamba | Rock avalanche deposit at Abra Salkantay
WI_pe130_111_520.jpg Nevado Salkantay with rock slide scarThumbnailsCordillera Vilcabamba | Laguna Salkantaycocha

View from Abra Salkantay (4630 m) in SE direction across the Salkantay Glacier bounded by pronounced lateral moraine ridges. The field of blocks in the foreground goes back to a landslide on 23 February 2020, when a huge chunk of rock and ice broke off from the S face of Nevado Salkantay. The same landslide also impacted Laguna Salkantaycocha, resulting in a catastrophic glacial lake outburst flood.

Wednesday 27 July 2022 by Martin Mergili in South America / Peru (530 visits)