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Valtellina | Val Pola Landslide panorama
WI_e2072_104.jpg Valtellina | Val Pola Landslide panoramaThumbnailsValtellina | Release area of Val Pola Landslide

The Val Pola Rock Avalanche occurred on July 28, 1987. A total of 40-50 million cubic metres of rock were mobilized after a period of extensive rainfall. Besides destroying a number of villages and claiming dozens of lives, the landslide impounded a lake and reshaped part of the upper Valtellina. Pizzo Coppetto (3066 m) appears behind the landslide, the Bergamo Alps can be seen in the left central background.

Sunday 17 August 2014 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Italy (5840 visits)